How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies (2022)

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies: How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, and are looking for alternative methods of pregnancy control, then you’ve come to the right place. Ways for avoiding pregnancy, and secret herbs in alternative home remedies that will help you get the job done.


For the pull-out method to work best to avoid pregnancy, it must be used with other contraception methods like a ring, contraceptive pills or condoms. This way, if there is spilling, you are still protected. Condoms are the great contraception methods that work best with withdrawal. Along with protection in case of spill out, they also protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

You can also practice pull-out while using the condoms to learn to pull out in time. How to avoid pregnancy effectively using the pull-out contraception method depends on how accurately you can calculate the time.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

You need practice and good control. If you are relying only on this natural contraception method to avoid pregnancy or for family planning, it is always better to keep one of the emergency contraception methods handy in case if there is some problem in withdrawal.

This method is considered one of the most unreliable contraception methods to avoid pregnancy and has the highest rate of failure. This needs a lot of control and may affect sexual satisfaction. How to avoid pregnancy naturally with the pull-out method is directly connected to your control. Sex is a very active process and there is a very high chance that this method will fail.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

So, it’s highly advisable to use some other contraception methods along with the withdrawal method to avoid pregnancy and for better family planning. Also, note that this contraception method does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. So, condoms are a good option to go along with the pull-out method, it protects from STDs and act as an extra layer of security to avoid pregnancy. (Source:


Many couples want to have children but only with proper planning. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, many women use contraceptive pills which have adverse effects on the body in the long run. There are also a number of home remedies that can help you prevent pregnancy. Of course, none of these methods is 100% effective; they are all just precautionary. So, it’s always best to practice safe sex as much as you can!

Fertility awareness methods (FAMs) are the methods to avoid pregnancy naturally and are considered one of the preferred contraception methods for family planning. These are the ways to keep a track of your menstrual cycle so that you will know when there is a high chance of getting pregnant. The days near ovulation or the period when ovaries release an egg is a period when you’re most likely to get pregnant. These days are considered unsafe for sex without any other contraception methods.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

Considering your menstrual cycle to be for 28 days, the days between 7 to 21 favor the pregnancy. These are the days when your egg is released, and sperms can easily fertilize them. Once you accurately know your ovulation and fertilization days, you can avoid pregnancy by avoiding sex during these days or using some other contraception methods. (Source:

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

If you are not ready for the pressures of becoming a mother, try these proven ways to avoid pregnancy. These remedies are effective, 100% natural, and don’t even cost a thing. Even better, they don’t require any kind of medical attention. Hence, you can use them without any worry. You can read on to know more about these remedies. We’ve listed some of the most popular ones below.


While sexual abstinence is a very popular birth control method, it also helps prevent STIs and teen pregnancy. Because it is so effective at preventing both, it’s an excellent choice for many people. However, it’s important to note that while abstinence is one of the safest methods of birth control, it is difficult to follow through with for extended periods of time. And, if your partner isn’t on board with your plan, abstinence may not be the best solution for you.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

Many experts recommend abstinence as a home remedy for pregnancy prevention. The method involves abstinence during a fertile window, which lasts for approximately 12 days each month. You can also keep track of your basal body temperature and use this information to determine your fertile period. Keeping a diary is an excellent way to determine when you’re fertile. Another option is to monitor mucus in your vagina. If your mucus is clear and creamy, this indicates that you’re fertile.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

While many people have a strong preference for abstinence, it is not as effective as other birth control methods. In addition, abstinence is not effective for women who are young enough to have sex. Abstinence is not effective for everyone, and it doesn’t protect against STIs. Abstinence is only one of the effective home remedies for pregnancy prevention.

Vitamin C

Using Vitamin C to avoid pregnancy naturally can be dangerous to your health. Taking high doses of Vitamin C can disrupt your sex hormones and cause miscarriage. Insufficient levels of Vitamin C can also wreak havoc with the ovum’s grip on the uterus, causing it to disintegrate or miscarry. This is why you should not use Vitamin C as a natural contraceptive.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

Consuming lemon juice can lower your chances of conception. However, it can also lead to miscarriage if you are already pregnant. Vitamin C supplements are also an option to prevent pregnancy. Take 1500 mg of Vitamin C twice a day. It’s best to consult a doctor for advice regarding safe doses and dosages. Vitamin C supplements aren’t suitable for women with sickle cell disease, anemia, or anticoagulant medications.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

The only research supporting the use of vitamin C to avoid pregnancy naturally comes from a mistranslation of a Russian journal article from the 1960s. Other studies have failed to confirm the results. Only research conducted by an independent laboratory can provide a conclusive answer to this question. Therefore, you should be careful when using vitamin C supplements to avoid pregnancy. It’s always better to use safe natural methods to avoid pregnancy.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

Dried apricots, also known as Kala Jamun in India, are a natural remedy for preventing pregnancy after intercourse. These berries are high in Vitamin C and help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Other natural remedies include parsley, which is a mild herb with no side effects. If you’re not too sure about the effectiveness of this remedy, you can take it in the form of a tea or take a supplement.


If you’re looking for ways to prevent pregnancy, buckwheat may be the answer. This whole grain provides a delicious, slightly nutty taste while being free of gluten. The groats, or seeds, are popular among gluten-free consumers. In addition to being gluten-free, buckwheat is a good source of fiber and niacin. Its fibre content helps move food through the digestive tract, which promotes weight loss.

Pregnancy Naturally Home Remedies

Another ingredient found in buckwheat is rutin, which may delay conception. The rutin compound in buckwheat is known to delay pregnancy by acting like a guard in the uterus and rendering it non-nutritive for fertilized eggs. This ingredient is also found in Smartweed, a popular herb used to prevent pregnancy. However, pregnant women should avoid taking buckwheat before undergoing surgery, as it can increase their risk of becoming pregnant.

The neem plant contains substances that kill reproductive cells in men. Taking neem extract pills can cause sterility. Buckwheat also contains a substance known as rutin, which inhibits the implantation of a fetus. The buckwheat plant’s phytochemicals are also effective in preventing pregnancy. Moreover, buckwheat is not just a grain; it can be used as a whole food to replace wheat, rice, or other grains.

Dried figs

Dried figs, also known as Dong Quai, are believed to be a natural birth control remedy, but they are not a cure-all. These figs may upset your stomach and cause irregular heartbeat, so they should be eaten in moderation after sexual intercourse. However, overeating them may lead to uterine irritation and upset. For best results, eat two or three dried figs a day, preferably within 15 days of last intercourse.

While eating dried apricots may prevent conception, it should not be used as a remedy unless the results of your tests are positive. Dried apricots can be boiled in a cup of water or honey for half an hour. The fruit may also help control the birth of a child, as it promotes blood circulation. However, if you are planning to undergo surgery, you should discontinue fig consumption at least two weeks in advance.

Dried figs are one of the oldest home remedies for pregnancy. They have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and they can help prevent pregnancy. Dried figs can also help protect the digestive system. However, you should avoid them if you have been taking medications to prevent pregnancy. Taking dried figs regularly can help you avoid pregnancy and save your money. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy.

Sesame seeds

If you are trying to end your pregnancy naturally, sesame seeds might help you out. Sesame seeds are known to contain the highest calcium content, with 1450 mg of calcium per 100 gm. This is more than 14 times the amount of calcium found in milk! In fact, sesame seeds have been used to induce abortion in early stages of pregnancy. While you should not eat these seeds while pregnant, you can enjoy them in moderation later in your pregnancy.

The medicinal properties of sesame seeds make them an excellent natural remedy to use when attempting to prevent pregnancy. Mix one teaspoonful of sesame seeds with two cups of lukewarm water and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Drink the solution while still hot. The same principle works with Indian turnip. Drink a cup of it three to four times per day for a week to prevent pregnancy.

In addition to sesame seeds, you can also consume carom root. Carom root is a traditional remedy for preventing pregnancy. It is most commonly consumed as a tea made from fresh carom roots. Carom seeds also help women get their periods on time and alleviate cramps associated with periods. In addition to these uses, carom seeds can also be consumed as a natural home remedy.

Indian turnip

Eat more turnips! This root vegetable contains many health benefits, including improving your eyesight and hair growth. Not only that, but turnips are also great for the liver and heart. Additionally, they improve the cardiovascular system, prevent bone joint damage, and improve cognitive function. Additionally, turnips are low in calories and can help you lose weight. So, if you are pregnant and want to avoid pregnancy, try eating more turnips!

This root vegetable is part of the Cruciferous family, which also includes cabbage and cauliflower. Turnips have a white inner flesh, and red, pink, or purple outer skin. The color of the root bulb depends on the amount of sunlight that it receives. The flavor is pungent and sweet, reminiscent of mustard. Despite their pungent taste, turnips are considered a safe vegetable for pregnancy.

While most people eat turnips cooked, you can also eat them raw. To prepare them, simply slice the root like an apple. Remove any bumps and trim the outer surface. Peeling is optional for small turnips. Cooking them can be tricky, but they keep well in the fridge for several months. Once you’ve figured out how to avoid pregnancy naturally with Indian turnip, try consuming it regularly to avoid pregnancy.

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