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How to Tell Time on a Watch

How to Tell Time on a Watch 2023: Kimberly Loaiza recently released her new musical video ‘INFIELES’ which has already amassed millions of views on social media channels. The title of the track contains five hidden advice to avoid falling into infatuation.

Kimberly Loaiza is one of the internet’s most influential women and a beloved artist among kids. Here she presents her song Infieles through YouTube’s musical channel.

How to tell time on a watch

Learning to tell time on a watch is an invaluable skill that will assist your child in staying organized and making wise decisions throughout their day. It’s even an advantageous ability for adults to acquire.

Start with an analog clock, if possible. This can be a simpler way to learn because there are fewer things to confuse you like different types of numbers and indicators.

Calculating time on a watch requires knowing how to count by fives. Start at 1 and skip five times until you reach the number that you are pointing at.

Once you understand how to count by fives, it’s time to learn how to read an analog clock. With just the basics under your belt, figuring out what time it is when a big number appears on an analog clock will become much simpler.

On an analog clock, there are 12 large numbers that represent 5 seconds. Utilizing this information allows you to determine the time on an analog clock – and it’s just as straightforward with digital watches!

Remind yourself that every 60 minutes counts as one hour. Therefore, when the minutes hand has completed a full circle around the clock once, it is now 6 minutes past the hour.

Furthermore, each 24 hour period counts as one day. Thus, it’s essential to know how many hours there are in a given day and how many weeks there are in an annual cycle.

You can tell if it’s morning or afternoon by looking at the time. If it’s afternoon, that means it’s time for lunch; otherwise, get ready for school or work in the morning.

Teach your children how to tell time with a digital clock, but it can be even more fun if they learn the art of analogue clock-making! Betsy the Beaver has created an excellent video that will help you teach this important standard in an engaging and interactive manner.

Learning how to tell time on an analogue clock requires two hands: one that points upward or left and another that points downward or right. The long hand will display the current time on the face, while the short one indicates how many minutes have elapsed since you last checked the watch.

What time is 3:56?

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In military (24 hour) time, 3:56 on a clock equals 1556; this system is widely used around the world in aviation, military, meteorology, logistics and other fields – it differs from the 12-hour AM/PM system that many English speaking countries are more familiar with.

The military uses a 24-hour time system, which may seem unfamiliar to some due to it not being standard 12-hour AM/PM clock. Fortunately, it’s quite straightforward to convert from 24 hour time to 12 hour time with either a clock chart, automated conversion or by hand. If you have any queries on this topic, feel free to comment below!

What is 3:56 on a clock?

3:56 is a commonly used time signature in aviation, military and meteorology – to name just a few. Clocks that use this 24-hour system of measurement rather than the standard 12 hour system display this as the time most often seen on their display. Time can also be measured through various means such as with a pedometer or stopwatch.

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How Much Does Grupo Frontera Charge 2023?

If you’re searching for an exhilarating Latin Music experience, Grupo Frontera concerts are the perfect destination. This popular Mexican band blends rock with Latin rhythms to create their unique sound.

Since 2022, this group has evolved into one of Mexico’s premier music acts. They are renowned for their original sound and contagious energy onstage.

How much does it cost to see a Grupo Frontera concert?

No matter your musical tastes, nothing beats the experience of watching a live concert. From The Grand Ole Opry to Lollapalooza, concerts offer an unparalleled opportunity to witness some of music’s top artists in action. Tickets prices may vary based on venue, seating location and whether or not you choose to upgrade your tickets.

Grupo Frontera, one of the hottest acts on Latin music’s scene, is set to wow you with their fiery brand of cumbia and norteno music. Their pop-infused rhythms will surely delight fans at venues across America as well as abroad.

Fans of Grupo Frontera won’t want to miss their upcoming show at Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie in Grand Prairie, TX on February 25th, 2023 at 8:00 PM! Get your Grupo Frontera 2023 tickets today and prepare yourself for an energetic night filled with vibrant Latin rhythms!

Grupo Frontera’s dynamic blend of regional Mexican and Spanish music has been captivating audiences since 2022. Comprised of members with extensive musical experience, the group has quickly made itself a force to be reckoned with in Latin music with hits like “La Ladrona,” “El Ultimo Beso” and “Mas Que Amigos.” With tracks like these, Grupo Frontera continues to impress audiences across Latin America.

Experience this talented ensemble from your own home with cheap Grupo Frontera tickets from Ticket Luck. They offer a wide variety of shows to fit any budget and event preference – making sure there is something suitable for everyone!

If you have a large group of guests to bring to the show, consider investing in a private suite ticket option. This premium ticket option is best suited for groups between 10-20 guests.

Once you have purchased your Pvp_name private suite or premium ticket, the next step is to contact a pvp_page customer service expert to finalize the order and make arrangements for your guests. Most private suites do not include catering; however, if interested in ordering food, your pvp_page support representative can assist in placing an order and confirming delivery of your catering items.

Purchasing tickets for your next event with this site is simple, fast and stress-free. Take advantage of our mobile-friendly interactive seating chart to quickly identify the ideal seats, then purchase them online without having to deal with a traditional box office or booking agent.

When you purchase Grupo Frontera 2023 tickets from us, you can expect a stress-free purchasing experience. Our team of customer service specialists are dedicated to answering questions and guaranteeing that your order arrives promptly.

How much does it cost to see a Grupo Frontera concert in 2023?

Live music is the best way to truly appreciate its artistry, and nothing compares to witnessing an artist perform in concert. Whether you’re into pop, rock, R&B, classical music, blues or jazz – there are plenty of chances for you to witness some of music’s biggest names as well as up-and-coming acts perform near you.

When planning a trip to a city where a live event will take place, there are several things you should take into account. For instance, where will you sit and how much can be spent on tickets?

Your seat choice depends on the venue and how close you can get to the stage. For an up-close experience, consider investing in a VIP seat. Alternatively, for more affordable tickets, purchase general admission tickets for viewing the show.

Selecting the ideal seats is essential for a great concert experience. Our interactive seating chart makes it simple to locate seats that will suit your needs best.

You can use our filters to search for specific events by venue, date and more. Generally, it’s most efficient to find your tickets when starting your search at least 3-7 days prior to the event.

It’s not unusual for live events to sell out, which can be discouraging if you’re hoping to attend one. That’s why it’s essential to purchase your tickets early.

If you’re searching for cheap Grupo Frontera concert tickets, Vivid Seats is the perfect website to search. This online marketplace provides discounted seats to popular concerts and other live events.

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Another advantage of purchasing your Grupo Frontera concert tickets online is that you can avoid long lines at the box office. Most events offer ticket purchasing services, so take advantage of them by skipping those pesky queues at the gate.

Shopping for tickets online is convenient as you can access them from any computer or smartphone with internet access. Plus, they will be downloaded directly onto your device so you can take them with you on the day of the event!

Purchasing Grupo Frontera 2023 tickets is a hassle-free experience. Our secure site uses SSL encryption to protect your personal information, and as an established seller with Vivid Seats’ 100% Buyer Guarantee you can rest easy knowing your tickets are safe from any potential breaches. https://www.youtube.com/embed/1m29DGD6wWM

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Grupo Frontera – Mexican Rock Band From Texas, United States

Grupo Frontera is a regional Mexican music group from Texas, United States that was formed in 2022 and features vocalist Adelaide Solis III “Payo,” percussionist Julian Pena Jr., drummer Carlos Frontera, guitarist Alberto Acosta, bassist Carlos Zamora and accordionist Juan Javier Cantu as its members.

The band achieved global fame after sharing their version of Morat’s song “No te va.” They quickly gained followings in Mexico, as well as other Latin American countries like Colombia. Their dance style has become immensely popular on TikTok platform, making them one of the most followed groups at their time.

What is their style?

Grupo Frontera’s sound is uniquely defined by a blend of rock and Latin rhythms. Their songs are filled with catchy lyrics that draw from experiences of love and heartbreak but also contain elements of joy that have made them one of Mexico’s most beloved bands.

Adelaido Solis III “Payo”, Alberto Acosta (guitarist), Carlos Guerrero, Carlos Zamora and Juan Javier Cantu (bassist) have been active on the music scene since 2022. After uploading covers onto YouTube and social media networks, their norteno version of Morat’s “No se va” went viral, quickly making them one of Colombia’s most renowned groups.

Thus, they gained followers around the world such as Mexico, Peru and Colombia. This success has also seen an expansion in their online presence with thousands of devoted fans.

Their latest album, Haciendo Magia, features collaborations with artists like Enigma Norteno, Gerardo Ortiz and Edicion Especial. This record will surely propel them to even greater fame; already the band has begun work on a new single.

This year they have already collaborated on several tracks with Carin Leon, one of which debuted on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart this week. Furthermore, they collaborated with Fuerza Regida on two songs – “911” and “Bebe Dame.”

The group has recently achieved great success on TikTok, a dance app that allows users to create short videos. Their latest single “Que Vuelvas” has already amassed over 10 million views and the video for their last hit single, “Bebe Dame,” has already been viewed more than 1 million times on the platform.

They have also achieved success on Instagram and Twitter, where many people follow them. Recently, a fan posted a video of him dancing to their cover of Morat’s popular “No te va” that went viral, further propelling their fame beyond Mexico – now one of the most sought-after music acts worldwide.

What are their hits?

Their first major hit was “No Rain”, which became a huge success in Australia and reached number 8 on the charts. This became their first major rock single and propelled them to mainstream success.

They then scored their second hit with ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life),’ an emotional ballad. This marked the beginning of many major successes for them throughout their career and served as a springboard for further success.

One of their biggest hits, ‘The Power Of Love’, topped the charts in both the UK and US. This powerful song captured both the audience’s emotions as well as those of the band members, becoming a staple on many radio stations throughout the 2000s and still enjoying a large following today.

This band has a distinct sound; their songs are all acoustic and feature powerful guitar chords that set them apart. Their songs are all catchy and guaranteed to get anyone up on their feet dancing.

It is no shock that this group has achieved such great success in the past, as their music boasts such a unique sound. Additionally, they boast an exceptional vocalist who can truly mesmerize audiences when performing.

Other notable hits included ‘Ride Captain Ride’, which became a worldwide hit in the 80s and reached number one on the charts. This iconic song has been covered numerous times by various artists.

Their most recent single, ‘Radioactive,’ was a huge hit in the UK and became their first entry on Billboard chart history – making them the youngest band ever to have such success. The song spent an incredible 87 weeks at number 1 and continues to be one of pop music’s most beloved tracks worldwide.

Their music has been immensely successful, boasting many hit songs in their career. The band members are highly talented and boast an impressive musical background.

Where are they from?

One of the coolest aspects about this group is their distinctive sound. Although they come from various countries, they share a passion for music that unites them all.

It’s no wonder they’ve been named the group of the year, so their next tour promises to be an epic one! So if you’re feeling festive and looking for some Latin music, be sure to check out their 2023 schedule and see if they’re coming near you!

They are one of the world’s most beloved bands, so it comes as no surprise that they have earned several accolades and awards. Rolling Stone named them the top Latin group and they continue to be a contender for Billboard’s Top Album Sales award each year.

Experience a Grupo Frontera concert like no other with Vivid Seats’ help and get the best seat in the house with our impressive selection of tickets and user experience. No matter if you’re searching for those unforgettable seats or need something unique for a friend, Vivid Seats has everything you need to make your big night an unforgettable success!


Grupo Frontera began as a group of friends from Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas who took their love of music to new heights by covering popular songs by other artists. Soon, their covers went viral, leading to an avalanche of followers on social media platforms.

Since then, they have become one of the most beloved bands in Mexico and other Latin American nations such as Colombia. Their success can be attributed to their distinctive dance style that has gained widespread acceptance around the globe.

Their first success was a cover version of Colombian folk pop band Morat’s popular song “No se va,” which they uploaded to their YouTube channel. They interpreted this classic melody in norteno style, an indigenous Mexican genre related to polka and Mexican folk music.

In October, “No Se Va” shot to the top spot on the Regional Mexican Digital Song Sales chart and spent a second week there. This marks only the fifth regional Mexican song ever to reach the Hot 100 in its 64-year history; Christian Nodal and Gera MX’s “Botella Tras Botella,” Ivan Cornejo’s “Esta Danada,” Yahritza y Su Esencia’s “Soy El Unico,” released this April.

The song quickly gained notoriety, with a clip featuring in multiple videos on TikTok. With millions of views and an impressive social media following, the band enjoyed tremendous success.

They also scored major collaborations with Carin Leon and Fuerza Regida. Their latest single, “Que Vuelvas,” composed and produced by Edgar Barrera, debuted on Billboard Latin Hot 100 this week.

At the beginning of this year, they sold out shows across Texas, Georgia and North Carolina as well as Mexico. Their popularity continues to soar and they are fast becoming Musica Mexicana’s go-to boys.

They have already released several tracks and are currently working on a new project. With numerous tour dates scheduled, make sure you catch them live if you can! https://www.youtube.com/embed/ji_DoQbfyz4

grupo frontera wikipedia  2023

2026 – Grupo Frontera

La Frontera Territorial se define as the political boundary dividing Mexico and the United States of America.

Borders are defined by both major and minorities alike across islands and bays of continents.

Wikipedia 2023 declared Frontera Group the winner of an impressive number of prizes, with their song “No se va” garnering more than 56 million reproductions and 1000 downloads sold in the United States alone.


The United States-Mexico border, commonly referred to as “The Franja,” begins in Tijuana and Imperial Beach in Baja California and terminates at Mexican Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Over its history, this front has been altered several times for various reasons.

The term “frontera” comes from the Spanish verb fronterizo, meaning to cross or go beyond. It’s often used to designate a military boundary or checkpoint.

Grupo Frontera’s name reflects their rock music style perfectly. They have won widespread acclaim for their songwriting skills and are one of the most beloved bands in rock music today.

The group’s most recent release is a song called, “El Mer”, which is currently trending on YouTube. To date, it has been viewed more than 10,146 times.


The fame of frontera group has skyrocketed thanks to a viral video featuring their unique style that has inspired many to emulate it.

El Grupo Frontera has become a well-known Mexican band with roots in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. By 2023, they plan to begin their musical journey by posting covers on YouTube and collecting likes and followers through social media networks.

On October 4th, Frontera made their Hot 100 debut with their version of Morat’s song “No se va”. This rendition went on to chart at number 99 for five weeks and achieved number 1 in Hot Latin Songs and third place in Latin Digital Song Sales.


2025 (MMXXV) is a common year that begins on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. It bears both Common Era and Anno Domini designations, as well as being a short year.

The group’s primary concern is immigration reform and they advocate for a path to citizenship for recent immigrants.

They have also been known to support an end to the United States’ policy of separating children from their parents.

The group’s website contains current affairs and politics information, as well as other articles. It is updated regularly with news and commentary regarding upcoming events. Furthermore, they have a newsletter, blog, media library, conferences/seminars, training workshops/forums all organized with help from volunteers who assist them in their work.


The 2026 FIFA World Cup was made possible thanks to a joint bid of three North American countries – Canada, Mexico and the United States – who put in an unprecedented bid. It marked the first time three nations were competing for hosting of this renowned tournament in over a century.

The tournament took place across 11 cities and seven time zones, including the United States. It caught the attention of FIFA and media alike, leading to record attendance – making it a success for all involved – organizers, sponsors and fans alike. Furthermore, there were several spinoff events created from it such as Golden Ball Challenge televised exhibition competition that saw U.S. defeat Japan and Germany in the final. This trophy remains on display at Museum of American Revolution in Washington D.C. where it has since been renamed United States Soccer Hall of Fame; additionally, winning team received $3.5 million prize money!


Frontera won the 15th Latin Grammy with their hit song “Que vuelvas”, composed by Edgar Barrera. Their concerts continue to be a big hit across Texas, Georgia, Carolina del Norte, California and Mexico.

On the opening of 2027, frontera group Frontera released a song with Carin Leon that quickly went viral on TikTok and Spotify. However, they remain poised for even greater musical success at the National Fair this summer.

On Wednesday, May 11th the Junta of Castilla and Leon approved a declaration which sets forth measures on both sides of the border to develop an economic plan between 2027 and 2030. These initiatives aim to improve life quality and competitiveness in each province. Furthermore, this agreement calls for digitalization of land management systems as well as an increase in clean and renewable energy production.


Grupo Frontera is a Mexican band that has seen tremendous success with the rise in popularity of regional Mexican music. Through collaboration and social networking networks, they have managed to create an exciting musical experience renowned throughout Latin America.


Grupo Frontera has become one of Mexico’s most beloved artists. Their cover of Morat’s popular song “No se va” garnered widespread interest and led to many reproductions and followers on social networks.

Throughout the year, the group performed in several countries throughout Europe and North America. Furthermore, they were active on social media – particularly TikTok – as well as with Carin Leon and Fuerza Regida. Furthermore, they released several singles and albums, some of which proved popular.


La Frontera, an spanish rock group, was formed in 1984. They performed at Villa de Madrid festival with their song “Duelo al sol” and won the first prize for the group.

In 2029, the asteroid Apofis will pass 31 million kilometers from earth’s surface. Scientists learning about astrophysics are gearing up to observe and protect Earth from this dangerous object.

Simulations of Earth’s motion created by science show that there have been some shifts in orbit. From one point, you can view asteroids brightly illuminated like stars on Osa Minor,” explained Marina Brozovi from NASA’s Laboratory of Propulsion at Chorro in Pasadena, California.

Astronomically, it is possible that the distance of an asteroid may have a very short scale; this could change its orbit due to some artificial geostationary satellites orbiting Earth nearby the asteroids.


The 2030 Agenda is a set of goals and targets designed to transform the world for the better. It strives to create an earth where humans can live happily, healthy, and productive lives while also taking action on climate change – our greatest challenge. In conclusion, the 2030 Agenda serves as both a testament to progress and promise of a brighter future.

A truly remarkable accomplishment is the global community coming together to create a roadmap that outlines each country’s strategy for making the world better for everyone. For the first time ever, UN agencies are measuring development progress using an objective metric. This will enable us to track our current progress and determine where we need to go next, ensuring our collective efforts remain successful and commitments remain intact.


Grupo Frontera is a Mexican band with an iconic sound that has gained widespread recognition on social networks due to their captivating lyrics about love and loss. Combining heartfelt sentiment with infectious rhythms has allowed them to become one of the most beloved names in regional Mexican music.

At the start of 2022, the group started uploading videos of their covers onto YouTube, connecting with an extensive Latin American audience. Guitarist Beto Acosta contributed his expertise for reinterpreting Morat’s iconic song “No se va” into something completely new.

This work has seen widespread promotion, with more than 80 followers to the band. Now they release their album “20 anos y un dia”, featuring some familiar favorites as well as some original compositions. https://www.youtube.com/embed/VPy4_m5s6f0

where is grupo frontera from 2023

Where is Grupo Frontera From 2023?

Fans of Latin Music group Grupo Frontera will recognize their distinct sound that blends traditional Mexican music with pop music. Now you can experience this thrilling mix live by purchasing your tickets for their 2023 tour!

Grupo Frontera will be performing at Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee on Friday, Mar 3rd 2023 at 8:00pm and you can buy your tickets here at CheapoTicketing.

Eagles Ballroom

The Eagles Ballroom, commonly referred to as “The Rave” or the “Eagles Club,” has been a Milwaukee landmark for over twenty years and has become known for attracting some of music’s biggest acts.

This building, originally constructed in 1926, housed the Fraternal Order of Eagles – a national social organization that had an immense impact on American culture. They spearheaded Mother’s Day, created social security programs nationwide and championed various other causes such as combatting job discrimination based on age.

Since its construction, the Eagles Club has gone through various transformations and served a variety of purposes. In the 1940s, it served as both a fitness club and music venue; later on in 1950s it became an increasingly popular theater and performing arts center.

In 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper began their 24-date Winter Dance Party tour at Eagles Ballroom to a sold-out crowd of 6,000 people. Tragically, three days after starting this tour they passed away tragically in a plane crash while still on tour; leaving behind a memorial in the upper level of the venue.

Today, The Rave building is known as The Rave and features six venues where multiple acts can perform simultaneously. This makes The Rave an ideal venue for concerts due to its expansive dance floor that creates the ideal setting for an evening of music and dancing.

While there are plenty of great venues in the area, The Rave / Eagles Club has become one of the most beloved and has hosted countless major acts over the years. Notable examples include No Doubt, Maroon 5, The Smashing Pumpkins, Krewella and Green Day to name a few.

In addition to being a popular venue for musical acts, the building also hosts some paranormal activities. Some locals believe that the basement pool in the venue is haunted by a 15-year-old boy who drowned in it. It’s not uncommon for musicians to inquire about this pool and many have reported seeing what they believe to be an actual ghost floating within its waters.

El Maguey

If you’re a fan of Latin Music and want to discover the newest group on the scene, Grupo Frontera from 2023 should be on your list. This Texas-based group has been making waves in the music industry with their distinctive Latin Music sound that has won over fans around the world.

They have become one of the top-selling Latin Music acts worldwide, featured in La Bamba and used for numerous television commercials. A family-friendly act, they have performed at numerous venues across America.

Their most beloved show is their “Latin Masquerade” show, held at Eagles Ballroom since 1995 and featuring an orchestra, dancers and stunning light effects.

It has been described as the premier venue to watch Mexican bands in America, boasting an expansive seating area and magnificent stage view. Their food is also highly acclaimed, while they provide a wide range of drink options.

In addition to their food and drinks, they boast an impressive stage design. They are renowned for their lighting effects and vibrant use of color that enhance the show.

The LED show lights on the stage are vibrant and will surely brighten your evening. Additionally, these lights aim to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests as they take in their dinner and drinks.

They offer a number of special promotions and their menu is packed with Mexican cuisine. Additionally, they have an impressive selection of margaritas.

The restaurant has earned numerous accolades for both service and decor. The staff are welcoming, helpful, and attentive to guests’ needs – they even guarantee that your order arrives on time!

Texas Trust CU Theatre

The Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie is a highly sought-after venue for concerts and theatrical productions. It boasts spacious seating as well as elite luxury suites with private entrances and exquisite catering options. Furthermore, guests are provided with convenient parking, corporate hospitality areas, and other amenities.

The venue has hosted a range of events, such as rock concerts (Eagles, The Killers), country and comedy (Dolly Parton, Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves), hip-hop/R&B/soul, pop and Latin concerts (Tyler Perry The Creator Maze BTS Bad Bunny). Additionally it plays host to Cirque du Soleil’s “T’was the Night Before Christmas.”

When searching for tickets to see Grupo Frontera in 2023, be sure to review their setlist. It should include some of their most popular songs as well as some newer material.

Purchasing tickets to a show at the Texas Trust CU Theatre is an ideal way to share an unforgettable experience with friends and family. However, it’s important that you have the right seats for an outstanding show.

If you’re searching for the top seats at Texas Trust CU Theatre, club seats are a great option. Although these tickets tend to be more expensive, they provide an incredible experience.

Another option is to secure floor seats. These are some of the most sought-after seats at any event and may be difficult to come by.

Finally, VIP Grupo Frontera meet and greet tickets are available if you’re looking for a more exclusive experience. While these may be more expensive than other options, they provide the unique chance to connect with the artist before the show.

When selecting seats at Texas Trust CU Theatre, be sure to pay attention to the seating chart. Doing so can help you avoid purchasing a ticket that’s too far from the stage or offers an inadequate view of the action.

The Texas Trust CU Theatre is situated in Grand Prairie, 16 miles west of Dallas and 24 miles east of Fort Worth. It’s close to Lone Star Park and AirHogs Stadium. Operated by AEG Entertainment Group, this 6350-seat venue can be found nearby.


U2 bassist Bono is an enthusiastic supporter of Tejano music, so it’s no surprise that he’s performed at several venues in his home state. One particularly impressive venue is Clayton’s, featuring a state-of-the-art sound system and plenty of room to dance or relax between sets.

This venue boasts an excellent buffet and outdoor patio. It’s also conveniently situated for travelers wanting to explore the city while staying close to their hotel. With such great etiquette and amenities, this would make a perfect destination for date night or an outing with the family.

Situated in the city’s core and close to the Milwaukee Art Museum, this venue has plenty to offer. Notably, it features an incredible view of the riverfront and provides a relaxing haven after a long day at work or play.

In addition to its extensive food and drink menu, this venue also has several upscale rooms that can be booked hourly or daily. Therefore, those with extra funds to spare will find this establishment a great choice.

While there are no official Tejano music events in the greater metro area, you can catch some of the best up and coming talent at various clubs and venues nearby. Notable names include Marca Registrada, Frontera and Fuerza Regima. https://www.youtube.com/embed/oiPZLb7G_kI

Grupo Frontera x Grupo Marca Registrada  Di Que Si Video Oficial

Grupo Frontera X Grupo Marca Registrada – Di Que Si Video Oficial

After weeks of teasing fans on social media, Grupo Frontera x Grupo Marca Registrada have finally released their single “Di Que Si.” Written by Edgard Barrera, this upbeat Tejano song features captivating percussion and accordion melodic accompaniment.

This marks the Mexican group’s first release of the year, following a string of collaborations including “Que Vuelvas” with Carin Leon and both “Bebe Dame” and “911” with Fuerza Regida. Additionally, both groups were included in Billboard’s coveted list of “23 Artistas Latinos to Watch in 2023”.


After weeks of teasing fans on social media, Grupo Frontera x Grupo Marca Registra have finally released their newest single “Di Que Si” (RB Music/Interscope Records). Written by Edgard Barrera, this upbeat Tejano song features captivating percussion and accordion melodic accompaniment.

Directed by Abelardo Baez, the video was shot in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico at a plaza where fans gathered to witness two groups perform the Tejano song.

Grupo Frontera is a norteno-sierreno group founded in Sinaloa in 2014. Recently, their collaborations with Junior H (“El Rescate”) and Luis R. Conriquez (“Puro Campeon”) earned them their first entry on Billboard’s hot Latin songs chart.

Grupo Marca Registrada is a cumbia and norteno fusion band from McAllen, Texas that has achieved some notable successes such as “No se va”, “Que Vuelvas” with Carin Leon and “Bebe Dame” by Fuerza Regida. Both groups were included on Billboard’s coveted list of “23 Latin and Spanish Artists to Watch in 2023”, with the video for their song “Di Que Si” offering viewers an incredible setlist of Tejano hits.


After weeks of teasers on social media, Tejano groups Grupo Frontera and Marca Registra have officially joined forces to release their single “Di Que Si” (RB Music/Interscope Records), which premiered exclusively on Billboard. Written by Edgard Barrera, this upbeat track features captivating percussion and accordion melody as it follows a man drinking away his sorrows while drunk-dialing his ex. Although they were both wrong in the past, now he wants to make their relationship work.

Since its release on October 2nd, 2023, this song has been steadily climbing the charts and now ranks number ninety-one on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. Directed by Abelardo Baez, the video depicts them coming together in an energetic scene.


Frontera’s music to the hit track “No Se Va” is an energetic blend of cumbia and norteno that has gained worldwide acclaim. Their hits “No Se Va,” “Que Vuelvas” and “Bebe Dame” earned them recognition on Billboard’s list of 23 Latin Artists to Watch in 2023, earning them widespread exposure and critical acclaim.

This week, Frontera’s song achieved unprecedented success as it rocketed 19-5 on the Hot Latin Songs chart and debuted at number 91 on Billboard Hot 100, becoming his third title on the tally.

Release Date

After weeks of tease fans on social media, Grupo Frontera and Grupo Marca Registrada finally released their long-awaited Tejano song “Di Que Si” (RB Music/Interscope Records). Written by Edgard Barrera, this upbeat lyric-driven track features captivating percussion and accordion melodic accompaniment.

Gabriel Grieco directed the music video for “Di Que Si,” which showcased the unique bond between both bands as they came together to deliver their first collaboration. Filmed in Argentina and Shanghai, China, the clip tells a romantic tale of love and heartbreak as its members bring that love from one side of the world to the other.

With over 900 million views on YouTube, “Di Que Si” is the latest hit from Grupo Frontera and Marca Registra, following their string of hits that earned them spots on Billboard’s coveted “23 Latin and Spanish Artists to Watch in 2023” list. Other successful hits from both groups include “No Se Va,” “Que Vuelvas” with Carin Leon, and “Bebe Dame” by Fuerza Regida – all top chart-toppers.

Marca Registrada and Frontera have achieved great success, yet both bands have had some setbacks along the way. While Frontera’s lead singer left last year, the group still manages to deliver an upbeat sound with ease.

Marca Registrada has remained consistent and plans to release their next album in 2023. They are currently on tour with six shows scheduled across America, including Toyota Arena – Ontario in Ontario on February 11th as well as Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno on the same night.

If you’re a fan of Latin music, be sure to buy Marca Registrada tickets in advance. They sell out quickly once an event or tour is announced, so make sure you get them before they’re gone! With their incredible musicians, it’s no wonder Marca Registrada has become such a popular live act both here in America and abroad.


After weeks of teasers on social media, Tejano duo Grupo Frontera x Grupo Marca Registra have finally released their first video for Di Que Si. The song is an upbeat Tejano hit that’s sure to get you dancing and singing along!

This video was shot at one of Monterrey’s most iconic landmarks, a former lighthouse that has become an inviting hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. It showcases some amazing sights set to an edgy soundtrack.

Even though the video only lasts a few minutes, it’s worth watching again if you have some spare time. The song is an instant classic and will make sure your next dance party is one to remember!

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